Certification Programme Young Dancers

This Course is structured for children aged between 6-11 yrs and is split into 3 level. Every level will lead to advance level of techniques, flexibility & musicality. This course will also increase stamina and stimulates concentration that will help in academics of the children. Course is structured in such a way kids will be able to adapt & relate to any form of music and dancing easily.

How It Works
Course is split into 3 structure Level 1 – 4 Months / Level 2 – 3 Months / Level 3 – 3 Months Every level ends with practical and theory exams. Parent get to see the progression of the children & their growth in dance. Also to gain experience and knowledge this course introduces students to participate in 2 students showcase events called Inspirations. First show is after level 1 completion and another after the completion of level 3.

Class structure
10 min warm-up / 5 min floor exercise / 5 min stretches / 10 min Across the floor / 30 min dance combination.



Level -2


Basic Techniques

Techniques & Stretches

Dance Progression

Rythmic Knowledge

Across the floor

Turns & Jumps

Flexibility & Toning

Dance Terminology

Musical Theatre

Modern jazz

Latin Fusion



Jazz funk