Boogie up – For Kids & Mommy

Boogie up is for our youngest dance fans, ages 3-5 years old and their caregiver who are looking to have some fun and bonding with their lil’ party animals.

How It Works

Classes meet twice a week for 50 minutes and 8 Sessions a month. Caregivers receive the instructions from the instructor and communicate to the little ones in the best possible way that they are comfortable with. This makes the learning very easy and understandable. The last 10 min Zumba workout will help the caretaker to stay in shape and it gives more exposure to see what dancing is all about. This concept will also help keep the learning at home, in the car, on the go, anywhere.

Class structure

5 mins warm up / 5 mins stretches / 5 mins story / 5 min snack time / 20 min routine dance / 10 min Zumba fitness workout for caretaker which will help the little ones to focus.


Certification Programme Young Dancers

This Course is structured for children aged between 6-11 yrs and is split into 3 level. Every level will lead to advance level of techniques, flexibility & musicality. This course will also increase stamina and stimulates concentration that will help in academics of the children. Course is structured in such a way kids will be able to adapt & relate to any form of music and dancing easily.

How It Works

Course is split into 3 structure Level 1 – 4 Months / Level 2 – 3 Months / Level 3 – 3 Months Every level ends with practical and theory exams. Parent get to see the progression of the children & their growth in dance. Also to gain experience and knowledge this course introduces students to participate in 2 students showcase events called Inspirations. First show is after level 1 completion and another after the completion of level 3.

Class structure

10 min warm-up / 5 min floor exercise / 5 min stretches / 10 min Across the floor / 30 min dance combination.


Level -2

Level -3

Basic Techniques Techniques & Stretches Dance Progression
Rythmic Knowledge Across the floor Turns & Jumps
Flexibility & Toning Dance Terminology Musical Theatre
Modern jazz Latin Fusion Contemporary
Hip-hop Jazz funk