They say ‘health is wealth’ and this quote, even though old, still remains quite valuable
and true. It’s important to remember that in the covid era whether you’re what mattered
the most has been your immunity, your health and not your money or your luxury car or
your luxury house and that has been a huge lesson for all of us in these testing and
difficult times that no matter how much importance we give to other things, health
should remain at the top of our priority list and we should work to improve it.
So, While we look into investing in the best possible stock or while we look to find the
best possible job or the best booming market to start a new business , We might
sideline health in this process.
And, One such activity that can help improve your fitness and health is dancing.
So, Can you guys guess what it could be? Well, I will give you a hint!
It’s related to Michael Jackson?
Now, Did you get it?
More hints? Okay. It’s related to reality shows like Nach Baliye?
Now, Did you get it?
And, The answer is…(drum rolls)
DANCING! Yes, You guessed it correctly.
So, let’s talk about dancing today which not only improves the emotional, but also the
physical well-being of a person. According to experts, dancing is important for the development of the personality of the
child. Dancing develops personality, increases self-confidence, emotions and helps
eliminate stress.
And, While nothing out of the above lines is new for us, We still do not take the
initiatives required to improve our health, right?
Now, The cause of this may vary like someone might believe to become healthy, you
need to exercise and to exercise, you need to go to the Gym or for some of us to wake
up early and go out for a morning walk to get some fresh air is very difficult due to habits
such as late sleeping.
So, What as individuals can we do to solve this problem? Or a better question would be
what exactly is the problem in exercising or improving our health? Well, One of the
potential answers can be that just exercise can be boring, so, some of us might
understand the importance of dancing, but would not do it because it’s boring.
“Nobody cares if you can’t dance well. Just get up and dance. Great dancers are great
because of their passion.”
Martha Graham
Or another reason could be that improving your health would mean buying a gym
membership or getting gym equipment at home, but, What if I tell you that there is a
solution to all of this.

And, That method is nothing but dancing! Yes, Something which you can do at home
without any expensive equipment or a lot of time investing everyday.
Dancing is a fun way to be active and keep fit for people of all ages, heights and fitness
levels. Increased strength and overall health. Dancing is an exercise, so it naturally
strengthens your bones and muscles.
Dancing increases blood flow and relieves tension, and for any kind of aerobic
exercise, dancing can help build endurance and increase energy levels.
Studies have shown that dancing can help you lose weight, improve flexibility, balance
and reduce stress.

Dancing can be a way for people of all ages, body types and body types to stay healthy.
It has a wide range of physical and mental benefits, including improving cardiorespiratory health, increasing muscle strength, endurance and physical fitness,
increasing aerobic capacity and improving muscle tone.
Strength, weight control, strengthen bones and reduce the risk of osteoporosis,
improve coordination, agility and flexibility, improve balance and spatial awareness,
enhance physical confidence, improve mental health, improve overall and mental
health, and enhance self-confidence. -Respect and better social skills.
As a common sport, dance can bring many well-known benefits (such as improving
cardiovascular function, weight control), and these benefits can also be obtained
through many other forms of exercise.
Of course, dance is also a good form of exercise, which has been shown to have
benefits for mood, mental and physical health according to numerous studies – and it
doesn’t hurt that it is just great fun.
In addition, dance encourages proper posture, body awareness and control, which can
benefit you even as you age. There is another related benefit to dance practice. As
much as it is a mental exercise as it is a physical one, dance keeps the mind sharp.
A 2011 study found that dancing with age can help improve cognitive flexibility, and it is
well known that this flexibility decreases even among powerful elderly people. In
addition to improving the symptoms of dementia and preventing dementia, regular
dancing can also improve the cognitive acuity of people of all ages.
First and foremost, dancing will improve the performance of your cardiovascular system
through constant movement. This is why the American Heart Association cites dance as
an example of resistance exercise that can improve heart health.
For dancers, improved muscle strength, balance, coordination, and bone density are all
physical benefits that can help you stay active longer. Dancing can also increase core
strength, which can improve balance, coordination and posture (which in turn can
reduce mechanical back pain).
Dance develops and maintains the flexibility of joints and muscles, which helps prevent
injuries in daily life and maintain mobility with age. Dancing also helps in a lot of other
things like dancing can help improve your physical strength and that is because some
of the exercises are against your own weight. If you do too much, you will lose more
balance and fall more easily. Dancing can help you improve your standing stability. Flexibility is one of the skills you
will definitely learn if you dance regularly. As you learn more types of dance, you will
use different muscle groups, which will greatly improve your overall ability to be flexible
in your daily life.
Dancing is not so much exercise as it is fun, so choose a dance style that includes
crunches. You do it. Belly Dancing If you want to get strong and nimble, improve cardio
fitness and improve posture, but don’t want to worry about mastering too many specific
movements, belly dancing is a great option.
It’s also a very fun way to stay active and at the same time, it is increasing your
endurance and flexibility. While it can induce the same amount of exercise as walking,
cycling, or aerobics, dance gives you the opportunity to meet new people and improve
your social interaction skills.
By demonstrating to yourself that you can learn and master new movements and skills
through dance, you can increase your self-esteem and self-confidence, as well as meet
new people.
Did you know: Zumba is a popular name and it’s no wonder that approximately 1.5
Crore people take Zumba classes in over 200,000 locations in around 180 countries.
Infact, Zumba is said to be created in the 1990s by Colombian dancer choreographer
Alberto “Beto” Perez. (source:
If you dance in social situations, you will be with others who can help reduce
depression. There is also evidence that dancing with other people can help you make
In addition, dance classes also help foster social bonds and friendships between
dancers, which are “a key factor in improving mood and overall mental health.”
Various studies also show that dance therapy can also reduce depression and
psychological stress in people with serious medical conditions, such as breast cancer or
Parkinson’s disease, and in college students.
Research from 2014 also showed that dancing can help your body produce wellness
endorphins (more so than other forms of exercise) and lower levels of the stress
hormone cortisol, which leads to an all-round good mood. And while dancing can sound fun and glamorous, there are many health benefits to
getting outside and swinging your beat. Dancers have always known, and the fitness
community is discovering that dance is a great whole-body workout that can help you
lose weight and tone your muscles while enjoying yourself.
Fortunately, dancing is something that will not only make you smile, but will also help
improve your physical and mental health. Dance practice is an investment in yourself
that can reduce stress, improve your mental well-being, and empower you to express
As you continue to dance, you will see how easy it will be to dance, and your confidence
and self-esteem will naturally increase both on and off the dance floor, which will only
help to further reduce your feelings of depression.
Latin dance and salsa will help you increase your overall body strength and tone your
muscles faster than most other types of dances.
Exercise usually improves your health, but it is believed that salsa dancing can also
help lower blood pressure and cholesterol. A study published in the Journal of
Physiological Anthropology found that aerobic dance training programs are as effective
as jogging or cycling in improving body composition and aerobic strength. Studies have
shown that a weekly dance plan can help improve physical performance and energy
Dance lessons are the perfect combination of exercise and communication, giving us
the opportunity to meet new people, increase physical activity, and heighten mental
stimulation and mood.
Learning dance moves and switching to music can improve cognition and keep your
brain active as you age. Dancing is a great anti-aging remedy that significantly slows
down the aging process as it benefits our heart, cardiovascular system, lung capacity
and overall well-being.
Did you know? According to Guinness World Records: Michael Flatley is the highest
paid dancer who earned $1.6million per week for his Irish dance styling at the peak of
the dance show ‘Lord of the Dance’ show. This included things like profits from tickets,
video and merchandise sales. Yes, We have an energetic, fun, non-boring, not-so-expensive method to exercise and improve our health and immunity.

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