Whether you are looking to lose weight or get back in shape, New Year is always a good time to keep a resolution on your health and fitness goals. While that might sound like a good idea, it’s very common that not many keep up to their resolution.


Because New Year’s resolutions, as most people think of them, are hollow:

“I’m going to exercise every day.”
“I’m going to start flossing!”
“I’m going to eat better.”

Are you keeping your resolutions? Here are some tips to restart or hold on to your promises!

1. Be self-motivated

If you want to succeed (with anything), you must be a good self-motivator. There is nothing better than you motivating yourself when you are down and taking complete control of your thoughts and actions to achieve your short term and long term goals faster.

2. Best vs Worst

We all want to be healthy and fit but let’s face it. Think of the best and worst of your body and mind, and ask yourself which version you want to be. If you want to be the best version of yourself in terms of looks and style, then you gotta be willing to pay the price for it.

3. Be realistic

If you have been living on Coke and Pizzas for months, then don’t expect to get back in shape in a couple of weeks. To get the desired results, it’s important that you understand your present body condition and have realistic goals

4. Keep progressing

To achieve your desired level of output, you’ll have to undergo several gruelling sessions of workout, which is not easy by any means. The harder you work; the better will be the results.

5. 12 magic weeks

After you’ve managed to avoid coke, cheese, and the other weight-gaining foods for a few weeks, you might definitely be tempted to go for a cheat day. Or even a cheat week. But the truth is, cheat days are the easiest distractions that put people off track and back into their junk food eating routine. To get the best results, make sure you train for at least 12 weeks with no cheat days.

6. Set goals

To get the best results from your exercise program, make sure that you have daily and weekly goals and you stick to them giving no excuse.

7. Find a friend

Many people pick gym memberships based on factors like fees, close proximity, and availability of equipment. While that doesn’t sound like a bad idea, there is another thing that you can look out for before choosing your gym and that is the environment. The best environment with the best people will itself act as a motivating factor for you to compete with them set by set and push yourself harder.

8. Stick to your plan

Last but not the least, make sure that you train your mind to help you achieve your fitness goals. Great people visualize the results weeks in advance and help put their mind in the right track. The mind controls the body, so if you learn to convince your mind that this program is important to you, then you’ll see that better things will start happening soon.

9. Dance Classes to beat your fitness

Dancing is a fantastic form of cardiovascular exercise that can help you to improve your overall fitness level, burn calories and relieve stress. I believe that the added bonus of making dance one of your go-to fitness fixes is that the coordination factor of mastering movement patterns is great for improving your brain power.