Effective Dance Fitness Series by The Swingers. 40 minutes of dancebased fitness & 20 minutes of intensive fun workout in stretching , strength , abs, legs & thighs .A fitness formula that actually works to achieve that Toned body & Natural glowing skin Train with best & friendly skilled instructors who will make your sessions fun.its time to Sculpt,Tone & Shake the extra pounds off .

Class Module

The Class Module is Most fun and not repetitive where no one get bored and give up to easily . To Digest Varity of food needs Varity of workouts, here we wrapped the best of weight loss formula mentioned below. This Course will also increase the stamina and build’s required muscle for the workout through high intensity interval training.

Latin Hit

Latin Hit Latin based Fitness that will quench your mind & body formore fun with latin basedworkout on salsa , merengue,bachata, cumbia & reggae

Bolly Burns

Bollywood Fitness that will sculp& tone your body with 40 minutes of Garmi workout moves & 20 minutes of circuit drills.

Pop Blast

Give your body a makeover while you having blast with latest pop tunes. Introducing pop blast workout for whole body with the combination of hiit techniques for the top hit pop numbers you always wanted to groove .