This course is basically structured for corporate, working professionals & college students. The class offers a fun filled stress buster while combining a fitness alternative with basic isolation exercises and workouts. The dance styles incorporate latest social & trendy latin partnering dance forms in the style of salsa, meringue, bachatta, cha-cha , zouk & jive.

How It Works
Starting every calendar month, instructors start with new partnering routine and build it till the end of the month . Last class of there will be a social jam where all the students can showcase what they learnt through the month. Class works in regular international standard method where partner switches on the circular form. Salsa plays major subject in the latinotics course but other latin styles are covered on every alternate month.

Latinotics is an open class & doesn’t have any duration, however if you come for
1 month you can tell friends you are learning salsa
2 months – I can dance a bit
3 months – I am a social dancer
6 months – I can dance salsa