Here is an amazing opportunity for you to have promising career as a part-time or full-time dance instructor. Have you ever wondered how it would be to conduct your own dance class at a studio? We are at a time where the dance industry opporunities and requirements are plentiful but there is a lack of qualified teachers who undergo structured training to become a dance teacher.

The Swingers, a leading dance company in South India, is conducting a three-month dance teacher training programme. Unlike any other, this programme offers the dancers an insight into the way the dance industry works, apart from providing training the conduct structured and meaningful classes & impart the joy of teaching

The Dance Teachers Training Programme is structured and skillfully handled by the Artistic Director of Swingers Prasanna Kumar and his team

Prasanna started his dance career at the age of seven and has undergone extensive training in dance at several internationally acclaimed dance studios across the world including the Edge Performing Arts California and Broadway Dance Center New York. He has taught classes and performed many productions across Untied States of America, United Kingdom and India. He has taught many master classes in both the United Kingdom and the USA, not to forget his perfromance in the Off Broadway Musical called “The Dream of the Picture Bride” at the Theater for The New City at the New York and his own productions staged at the Dance New

What they learn?

We will be working with western forms of dance like Jazz, Hip Hop, Basic ballet techniques & Freestyle

  • How to teach a class
  • How to choreography
  • How to set warm up / music
  • Evaluation by professional
  • Practical & Theory Classes
  • 1 year of teaching material
  • Dance teachers business module
  • Dance marketing tools
  • Basic administration
  • Do’s &Donts

What are the benefits?

  • Certification Program
  • Special focus on all aspects of teaching like marketing / administration to provide successful teaching model
  • Teaching material for one year will be given to all participants
  • Theory & practical classes with professional teachers