Level up Teens & Adults

The Swingers Dance Inc india in Collobration with Abstrakt Solez Dance from United States of America are brining a brand new training programme in Commericial Dance Forms for children called LEVEL UP & DANCE. This new gen dance training concept that will be a game changer to children interested to flair in commercial industry includes Television ,Stage& Social media.

Who is this for ?

This programme is useful for people with desire to explore & develop artistry as a Singer, Actor, Dancer, Dance Reality Star & Model. Course starts with basic foundation & explore the dynamics of becoming a performer.

Live Training

“Twice a week 60 minute class will focus on warm up, techniques based on the dance forms mentioned below.

Month 1 – K-pop Commercial Movements.

Month 2 – Wacking Jazz

Month 3 – Latin Broadway Fusion

Month 4 – Dance Assessment – Industry Profiling Mock Audition.

“Online Training

In addition to the studio training online training will be provided to develop Body, Mind & Skills.

Dancers Body Conditioning ( 60 min once a month).



Floor barre

Level up Training ( 90 min – monthly once )

Acting for Dancers

Creative Movements

How 2 Dance 4 Camera. “