1. What is the dress code for class?
Kids Young people programe – shorts , bicycle shorts , t.shirts , track pants , body suit , leotrats and a pair of cotton socks Adults Professional – Track pants , t. shirts , body suit , by cycle shorts and pair of cotton socks
Adults Non professional – Track pants and t shirts Ladies pair of clean heels

2. If i miss two classes is there any compensation class?
There will not be any compensation classes missed by individual person

3. How many students in a class ?
We have very spacious room also we have mirror around , anywhere the students stands instructor can see very clearly , approx we take around 25 to 30 students per batch .

4. How many months my kid will take to learn dance?
I suggest every students should minimum learn 4 moths for basic at least

5. What is the difference between professional batch and non professional batch?
They both are way different, depends on what kind of training you are looking for professional classes they teach styles that more towards concert and stages shows , non professional its more of social dancing and fun kind of dancing .

6. Do we have exams to promote to other level?
Yes at the end of every level each students should complete there exams to go to their next level.

7. How do I get certificate and from where?
At the completion of advance level , all students are eligible to receive a certificate

8. If I want to learn at home do you have vcd for that?
Yes we do have instructional DVD’S on all styles,Check shop page

9. Do you teach bollywood dance?
We do not teach bollywood or kollywood but the steps you learning can be matched to all sort of music .

10. I want to learn dance alone do you have any special class for that?
Yes we do have something called private classes , its basically one on one with instructor and you , based on the available timings of the instructor , they cost per hour is 450 /- minimum 8 hrs .

11. If I can join in the non-professional batch now? Next month can I change to professional batch?
Yes definitely you can or you can do both by just paying 50% For the professional batch.

12. I want to join in both the batches is there any discount on it?
If you join more than one batch you get 50 % discount on the 2nd batch .

13. I want to loose weight which batch will I join in?
Well , generally people take 2 or 3 batches and they come throughout the week so there is lots of result on the weight loss , coming only twice a week … I am sure you will feel fresh after the class .

14. Do you conduct show for students?
Yes we conduct studet showcase twice a year one is during the summer and other one is starting after competing the course and it’s a very famous students showcase called inspirations.

15. What are the benefits if I join in professional batch?

Professional classes is structured programme (like school) lots of stretches , muscle toning , its over all a best way to learn right kind of dancing .

16. Do you select ppl for stages shows ?
Basically show is done for the students…. So all students for 3 yrs onwards will be performing on the show .

17. Do u have discount?
If you join for one batch we do not have any discount policy ..

18. What do I have to get for the class ?
All students are request to come with pair of cotton socks , soft towel and preferably your own water bottle .

19. Do u have separate batch for ladies?
Yes we do have separate ladies programme

20. Do u come and teach home?
I am very sorry we do not do servise at home but you can take private lesson .

21. Why are u asking my email id and phone number?
We will put you on our mailing and keep you updates on any events , workshops etc

22. If I bring 2/3/4/6 ppl any discount?
Absolutely not

23. Will I get film opportunities?
We we really cant assure , generally lots film makers look out for new faces , they come to our studio’s

24. How do I join the swingers dance company?
Every year we do something called the dancers hunt ,its audition for dancers to join the dance company … so you can come and take partor you can also sumbit you resume or bio so we can call you if some position available on the company.

25. Who will be teaching my class ? is your instructor qualified ?
Classes are taught by well trained instructors who have atleast few years teaching experience from the company all these instructors are trained under our artistic director Mr.Prasanna

26. Will Prasanna teaching the class?
Well does but only the advance level classes and he occasionally visit the classes and students progression

27. I come from office do u have changing rooms?
Yes we do have well equipped changing room facilities and toilet facilities

28. I am planning to conduct a show , can u tell me how much it costs?
Yes for the I request you to provide me with some details of whats your companies name … how many dancers … when would be this show … how many minutes … take there numbers we will get back to them .

29. Do u have free trail session?
Absolutely not

30. I want a choreography for competition / office or school, can u tell me how much it is?
We absolutely don’t teach for competitions .. if it’s just a showcase then we can do it.

31. Do u have anything like a crash course I am only staying 10 days in town ?
Yes we do have crash course only two times a year one is summer (April and may month ) and winter – December 23rd to 31st for details on these courses you can log on to the our website

32. I am absolutely beginner in dance ? you think I will fit in your dance school ?
Absolutely.. Our studio’s mission is to teach people with absolutely no knowledge in dance. so dont worry about all you need is a will to dance that’s it we will take care of the rest ….