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Passion meets opportunity

Let your passion meet its opportunity,the swingers comes up with dance job fair on every quarter, Each and every individual dream of fulfilling our desire, but most of the times there’s a taboo from our family and society. As life goes, due to circumstances and insecurity, we are forced to take up some job just for the sake of commitments. A few decades ago such situations came to a full stop in US, UK and a part of Asia by offering jobs to more than one million population in fields such as music, dance and entertainment. As we are stepping in the glory of Modern India, there is a rising demand in the performing arts industry.


We are looking for people with interest in the field of dance who can take dance as par time /full time as a Dancer, Teacher & Choreographer with 2.5 to 5 lakhs income per annum with the commitment of less than 6 hours a week that to evenings or weekends, Minimum age restriction is 15 Yrs. If  you are interested please fill the application below and send it to, so we will be in touch with you regarding the process . for further information on dance employment you can call us -9500199088 Chennai & 9900027050 Bangalore .

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