Here is an amazing opportunity for you to have a promising career as a part-time or full-time dance instructor. We are at a time where the dance industry opportunities and requirements are plentiful but there is a lack of qualified teachers who undergo structured training to become a dance teacher.

The Swingers, a leading dance company in South India, is conducting a three-month dance teacher-training programme. This programme offers the dancers an insight into the way the dance industry works, apart from providing training to conduct structured and meaningful classes, and impart the joy of teaching.

The Dance Teachers Training Programme is structured and skillfully handled by the Artistic Director of Swingers and an internationally acclaimed dancer, Prasanna Kumar and his team.

If you are interested, please join us to get more details on the course and benefits, for a free seminar in the month of September. To block your place for the free seminar, contact 9500199088.

Course Schedule October – December