Starting from the age of 2yrs, today the whole world has been fascinated and addicted to some sort of gadgets and technologies. Random survey reports says ,50% of the people use mobile phones every 2nd minute, either to check messages or social media, this mental reassertion could lead to damage in their brain and physical system, This Swingers & Uplift foundation has come up with solution for to this ! With an old fashion method of physical exercise, packed in a new bottle Called as “DANCE”. Classes and programme that can drive their attention & involvement and Reinforcing the Creativity & Physical Movements among the Young children & youths, Below mentioned detail information about the courses that can help the participant involved fullest in the physical form , To influence & bring attention all the below course is offered with 50% Discount & Valid till 8th October, Information can call -9900027050 or Visit – / The Swingers centers located in heart of Bangalore Indira Nagar & Koramangala The Swingers recently tied up with Broadway dance center Newyork Announces the one of its kind courses for the student’s interested taking up dance as a profession or serious hobby. All below courses are similar standard of international curriculum in dance. Students clear each level
of course through exams both practical and theory.

Professional Dance Certificate Programme (PDCP) Teens & Adults

– This Course is structured for Teens & Adult, helps to increase stamina and stimulates concentration. This course also induces lots of athletics in dance such as jumps, leaps, kicks & turns. Split into 3 levels Beginners, Intermediate & Advance.


nullThis course is basically structured for corporate, working professionals & College Students. The class offers a fun filled stress buster dance styles incorporate latest social & trendy Latin Partnering dance forms like Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Cha-Cha , Zouk & Jive.

6-11 yrs Certification programme young dancers (CPYD)

null This Course is structured for children aged between 6-11 yrs are split into 3 levels. Every level will lead to advance level of Techniques, flexibility & Musicality. This Course will also increase stamina and stimulates concentration that will help in academics of the children.

3-5 yrs Boogie up For Kids & Mommy

nullBoogie up is for our youngest dance fans, ages 3-5 years old and their caregiver who are looking to have some fun and bonding with their little loved once.

Strong by Zumba

-Introducing Music-Led Interval Training With most workout programs, music is an afterthought. The music in STRONG by Zumba was crafted to drive the intensity in a challenging progression that provides a total body workout. The result? A group fitness experience like no other.