Dance is a performance art form consisting of purposefully selected sequences of human movement. This movement has symbolic value, and is acknowledged as dance by performers and observers.Dance can be categorized and described by its choreography, by its movements, or by its historical period or place of origin.

Benefits of Dance

1. Improved condition of your heart and lungs
2. Increased muscular strength
3. Endurance and motor fitness
4. Increased aerobic fitness
5. Improved muscle tone and strength
6. Weight management
7. Stronger bones and reduced risk of osteoporosis

Corporate Dance

The Corporate Dance is generally called as Corporate Entertainment which describes private events held by corporations or businesses for their staff, clients or stakeholders.These events can be for large audiences such as holiday parties or retreats.

Benefits of Corporate Dance

Corporate Dance helps the companies to achieve,
1. Employee retention
2. Team building
3. Increased cohesiveness
4. Increased cooperation and in turn
5. Higher levels of productivity
6. Form friendships
7. Group of people to know eachother

How Corporate Dance Organized

The Corporate Events are conducted by some dance studio or dancers who provide thier services for leading corporate houses . The asignments included staff incentive programs and annual day events. Scope of their services includes Choreography (Dance Training) and creative dance for group of participating staff and support services such as music editing, mixing, light and sound, stage-craft, costumes, etc. for corporate

Swingers in Dance World

The Swinger Dance Company is progressive dance studio and is widely acclaimed as a trend setter. Swinger’s has now tied-up with several international dance companies to offer an ‘Internship Affiliate Program’. In addition to just teaching, our studio also strives to create an aura of the dance and performance worlds by displaying student dance art and publicizing dance-related programs.

Swingers for Corporate

The Swingers offers multiple levels of classes for corporate and working professionals, to make these programme convenient, classes are generally held at the corporate house during after office hours. Classes focused on
1. dance
2. fitness
3. stress release
4. weight reduction and social dancing.

Corporate Clients of Swingers

Some of our corporate Clients
1. Pit Stop
2. CTS
3. Pepsi
4. Infosys
5. Hyundai
6. DLF
7. Indian Express
8. The Hindu

Artistic Director of Swingers

The PRASANNA who started his dance career at the age of seven and has undergone extensive training internationally. At the Broadway Dance Center, New York he underwent training in Ballet and Musical Theatre.Prasanna is conversant
with the dance styles of many legendary luminaries. He has taught many master classes in both the United Kingdom and the USA.

Facilities at Swingers

The Swingers dance studios are specifically constructed, spacious dance studios and are located in central areas of Chennai ( India ) Bangalore ( India ) and New York(Usa). Our avant-garde approach has led to our success and popularity as one of the foremost dancing studios in India and Middle East. Swingers Dance studio is an immense source of inspiration for those who want to make dance a part of their lives.


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