Salsa in Spanish means sauce which is a type of Latin American dance music incorporating elements of jazz and rock. Salsa dance originated in New York in the mid- 1970s. Salsa dancing is an international dance that can be found in most metropolitan cities in the world. There are various styles in salsa dancing as a dancer shifts their weight by stepping the upper body remains level and nearly unaffected by the weight changes. The weight shift causes the hip to move with arm and shoulder movements.


1. Colombian or Cali style
2. Cuban style or Casino
3. Miami-style Casino
4. Rueda de Casino
5. Los Angeles style
6. New York style
Characteristics that may identify a style in salsa are : timing, basic steps, foot patterns, body movement, turns and figures, attitude, dance influences and the way that partners hold each other. The point in a musical bar music where a slightly larger step is taken the break step and the direction the step moves can often be used to identify a style.


1. IMPROVES MEMORY: Salsa improves our memory by steps, routines and dance patterns, making it a great mental exercise for our brains. It makes our mind to be quick, alert and open.
2. FLEXIBLE, AGILE, CO-ORDINATED – Most people become less flexible, less agile and less co-ordinated as they grow older. The repeated movements in salsa makes you flexible, agile and co-ordinated to have friendly relationship.
3. CARDIO -VASCULAR FUNCTION: Salsa dance helps in proper functioning of heart as it is aerobic dance and increases in pumping of blood.
4. INCREASES ENERGY: Salsa is an energetic dance and increases the energy level of the dancers. It originates from Cuba incorporating elements of several dance styles including mambo and cha cha cha.
5. MUSCLE EXERCISE-Salsa helps in exercising all major muscles throughout the body.
6. WEIGHT LOSS- Salsa dance helps in burning calories from 5 to 10 calories per minute depending on speed and intensity. The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute says that dancing can:
• Lower your risk of coronary heart disease
• Decrease blood pressure
• Strengthen the bones of your legs and hips
• Helps you release toxins via sweating.


The Swingers Dance Company has gained great approval as an inventive and progressive dance studio and is widely acclaimed as a trend setter. In addition to just teaching, our studio also strives to create an aura of the dance and performance worlds by displaying student dance art and publicizing dance-related programs. Our avant-garde approach has led to our success and popularity as one of the foremost dancing studios in India and Middle East.


Prasanna started his dance career at the age of seven and has undergone extensive training internationally. He established a foundation in creative jazz dancing at the Edge Performing Arts Centre, California where he was an honoured scholarship student. Swingers was founded by renowned Choreographer Mr. B. Murali. The Swingers dance studios are specifically constructed, spacious dance studios and are located in central areas of Chennai (India) Bangalore (India) and New York(USA).


Salsa benefits your heart, cardiovascular system and lung capacity and makes you a healthy person. Breathing rates of dancers performing in one dance competition is equivalent to those of cyclists, swimmers and an Olympic-level 800-meter runner. Salsa is energetic and relaxing.
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