Welcome to the Fun, Fast and Fit World of ZUMBA!
You’ve seen the Hype! You’ve seen the results and finally it’s time for you to Join the Party! This form of Socialization, cardio and dance is the most effective way to lose weight, get fit, and stay mentally and physically healthy!
There are some few things everyone should know before joining Zumba classes! If this is your first time doing Zumba, then this will be helpful for you!

You’re not going to be great at first

And that’s okay!  No one is flawless the first time they Zumba.  It takes time, but you’ll get into the swing of things before you know it.  All those people around you who make it look easy?  That will be you in no time!

No one is staring at you

We swear. You might feel like everyone is watching you and noticing every time you mess up, but they aren’t.  This is a no pressure workout routine.  Relax and have fun!

You might not sweat a lot your first time

If you leave your first Zumba class not a sweaty mess like the others around you, it’s okay.  The first few classes you might not break as much of a sweat because you’re learning the moves.  You’ll get there!

Everyone can’t wait to see you next time

This is a social exercise movement, and everyone who goes to Zumba is excited when a new member joins.  You’re part of the crew now!  Everyone will be happy when you return.