Whether it may be a friend’s wedding where they want to set up a dance for the ultimate
day or may it be a college annual function where the students want to organize an
unforgettable event for ages, You can be in for earning some cash as you can become a
choreographer and setup the dance for special events like these.
And, This is what people who’re into dancing can expect when they want to make a
career in the field of dance. What we mean by that is that a profession such as wedding
choreographer can be a great profession and not only that you can also become a
dance teacher and teach dancing to students in a school, college or online. Yes, Not
only offline, but, today, You can host paid workshops on platforms like Zoom, Google
Meet and many others to teach dancing to all the people who’re interested in the same.
“Those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear
the music.”
-Friedrich Nietzsche
Did you know? According to Celebrity Net Worth: Mikhail Baryshnikov (Who can be said
as one of the best ballet dancers of all time and an actor in one of the most popular TV
shows) has an estimated net worth of 45 Million Dollars.
In fact, There are so many careers in dancing. There a lot of traditional ways to earn a
livelihood if you know dancing like opening a dance studio, teach dance to students,
become a choreographer and many more.But, it’s 2021 and we live in a digital era and we cannot avoid the fact that there’s a lot
of income streams for a lot of professionals from online platform and dancing is no
So, Let’s have a look at them as well:
Blogger- A person who makes videos on platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram
so that people could watch their moves and performances and in return of that , if your
dance performances are loved by a lot of people and watched a lot of people, then, you
get eligible for programs like google adsense program.
If you’re interested to know what this Google adsense program is, then, kindly have a
look at this:
You can tie up with Google and allow Google to place some of the advertisements on
your blog. In this way, You would get a fair amount of money by sharing advertisers’
content on your website. Popular websites that do such a thing is like a rediff.com
You can go to that website and see that there you will see apart from their content, you
will see large banners ads that will be placed on the website. This helps the website
earn money.
Similarly, if you’re interested in dancing and write about various dancing types, forms,
styles, dancing routines, how to become a dancer, how to improve dancing or maybe
you’re reviewing other people’s dance routines and sharing with the world what you
have learnt from it, then, such content would definitely get attention from people and it
would be viewed by a lot of people and hence you will get eligible for programs such as
Google adsense wherein you will get money from writing content.
This would help monetise your content and allow you to keep on doing what you love to
do and that is keep writing about dancing.
Brand Promoter: When you have a dedicated and engaged audience that is interested
in dancing and want to know all the ins and outs of dancing and you share information
related to that and build a loyal audience then after you have established yourself as an
expert in the dance field, then, You would find brands related to your field collaborating
with you to promote their brands.For eg: Let’s say there is a new music player that allows people to listen to songs in a
very unique way then this company manufacturing this music player can reach out to
you and ask you to promote their music player on your website or Facebook or
Instagram or Youtube wherever you would be having a good following so basically the
brand will pay you just to post a photo/video of their product on your social media or
The money you will receive for this will vary depending on how much following you
have, how engaged your audience is, what the company’s budget is and many other
factors that will play a role in this.
Did you know: The market size of the dance studio industry has grown by 3% per year
from 2015 to 2020. (thestudiodirector.com)
Affiliate Marketing:
This is one more new method to earn money if you’re a dancer/choreographer and you
have a decent audience. So, If you are a blogger and you share reviews or articles
related to dancing, There’s a high chance that people will see you as an authority in that
field. That is, people value your opinion because they trust you. So, You can leverage
the audience which you have developed by your writing to suggest products related to
your blog and every time a particular action is taken via your affiliate link, You would get
a commission out of the sale.
Let me break this down and simplify it for you.
For eg: Let’s say that you have danced on a bollywood song and in one of the articles
on your website, you have written in this article about how you practiced for the dance
routine, how you got the steps for the dance, why you decided that song so on and so
forth. So, Let’s say in that article, you also put a link of the jacket which you have wore
in the video.
Now, this link can be the link wherein people can go on amazon and buy the jacket that
you have wore in the video.
So, now, every time someone clicks on the links and buys that jacket after clicking on
that, then, you will get a commission.
So, now, you would understand why a lot of Youtubers put links in video descriptions
and ask the viewers to click on the link and buy stuff.Did you know: According to Guinness World Records: The largest Bharatnatyam dance
lesson consisted of 416 participants, and this accomplishment was achieved by
Thyagayya Charitable Trust (India) at Chennai, India, on 2 February 2020

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