In today’s digital world, a dancer with amazing dance moves becomes popular fast, but,
you know what?
A dancer with amazing dance moves with an amazing social media presence becomes
popular faster!
So, In this article, let’s have a look into how digital marketing can be used and
leveraged by dancers like you to take your career to the next level?So, are you ready to take your dance career to the next level by making use of digital
So, Let’s get started with one of the most important platforms for dancers- Youtube. So,
Let’s dive deep into the details of the same so that you can use it to get more popular.
The first thing is the video title. So, Let’s get the ball rolling with it.
Your video title indicates what your video will be about. The video title should be catchy
and attractive. It would be a very important parameter as people may decide if they
want to see their video or not by reading your video title.
Let’s say if you upload a video of 5 minutes. And, 20 people open Youtube and see the
entire 5 minute video clip. Then, The total watch time of your video becomes: 20*5= 100
minutes. Generally speaking,Greater the watch time your video has, Better it is for you.
Because more watch time is an important pointer in Youtube SEO. So, If your video is
getting more watch time, then, Youtube’s algorithm (Youtube’s brain) understands that
the video is interesting and keeps the viewers hooked and engaged.
So, It understands that your video can keep the viewers on Youtube for a longer portion
of time.
So, Now, you know why a dance video with a story in it and a twist in it at the end
makes people watch the video entirely so the watch time of the video increases and it
makes the video get recommended even more hence increasing the views of the video
Did you know: According to Guinness World Records: The oldest dance instructor is
Ulla Kasics from Switzerland and is over 95 years, but is still very passionate about
teaching dance and she wants to keep teaching dance as long as her health allows us
So, If you get more watch time and the watch time(total) of all videos exceeds 4000
hours (And, Subscribers surpass 1000) in the past 12 months, then, Ads can be shown
on your Youtube videos which would help you EARN MONEY!
Did you know: According to Guinness World Records: The most number of people
performing a choreographed dance online at the same time is 698 and this amazing featwas achieved by Madurai R Muralidaran (India) and VivRtti Dance Company (India), in
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India on 1 August 2021.
Hope this article helps you in your dance journey and takes your already awesome
online presence to even greater heights.

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