Dancing is definitely one of the physical exercises that really helps in increasing the
body’s fitness. Dancing helps in decreasing anxiety, increasingly self-esteem and
improving psychological well-being.
And not only this, but, dancing symbolises a lot of things just like some other things.
But, before I tell you what symbolization means let’s understand what symbolization
means. So, Let’s take an example from a famous bollywood movie.
Try to remember the famous scene from the movie ‘M.S.Dhoni: The Untold Story’
regarding life and cricket. Then, you might remember how the coach of MS.D shares
with him that life is like a cricket match. Sometimes, you get a full toss (great
opportunity) so you grab it with both hands and hit a six while sometimes you get a
bouncer(difficulty in life) then you just leave and so on and so forth.
Dance in a similar fashion teaches something to us about life. Want to know what?
Keep reading. Imagine the last time you danced with full flow. Maybe it was when your
friends got married or maybe it was during Lord Ganesh’s entry into your house during
Ganesh Chaturthi, Do you remember how you forgot all the other sorrows and losses
you had during those times and just danced like there was absolutely nothing to worry
or no like no problem existed in your life?Well, if you did that. Then, there’s a life lesson in that as well.
The life lesson is to live in the moment, live in the present and forget what has
happened or not even worry about the future. So, this is one thing which dance teaches
us about life that we should not focus our energies much on the past or the future but
rather we should focus it on the present.
So the next time you dance , please remember that dance with full energy and also
remember to live life in such a fashion that you enjoy life to the fullest and that you don’t
worry about what mistakes you have done in the past or what you could have done
better in the past, rather, work on the present and by improving on the mistakes which
you have done till now, you can make sure that you make the present the best so that
the investment which you’re making in the present comes off with great returns
tomorrow that is the future. So, in a way when you’re investing in life today and just
focusing on the present then in a way you’re improving your future as well.
So, dancing is not just a way of exercising or a method of burning off calories, rather, its
a teacher of values. Values that we can inculcate in our life and make use of in our daily
One more learning from dancing that we can take is about energy. Try to remember the
last time you watched a dance show on TV and while you were watching the dance
performance , you felt so much energy that you also started to dance at your home.
Has that ever happened to you?
I bet it has. And, it is because emotions and energy are infectious.
So, when a dance performer has a lot of energy and when they dance, that energy
originates from them and reaches the people watching it.
It’s like a chain wherein there is transfer of emotions and energy.
Similarly, in life, You can become a person that is so positive and energetic that people
want to be near you and that people get positive just by being around you.
So, become a source of energy and positive emotions so that people want to be around
you.“I do not try to dance better than anyone else. I only try to to dance better than myself.”
Mikhail Baryshnikov
The above quote related to dancing teaches us one more thing about life in general that
we should nor compare our journey, our professional achievements, our loses or
anything else with anyone else rather we should just always compare ourselves with our
past and improve on it.
So, We should not compare ourselves with others and get sad rather we should try to
become a better version of ourself and always look for self-improvement.

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