Virender Sehway and Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma, Messi and
Argentina and many more..Do you know what are the common things in these pair of
words, They are inseparable. Yes, You heard it right: not possible to separate them. Just
like that, We have the duo of kids and dancing. Dancing on one side gives things like
happiness to do those who do it while children spread happiness wherever they go.
Dancing helps boost confidence while a child has the potential to turn any person’s
worst day into their best possible day just by a mere smile. That’s the power of children
and dancing. And, Now, When you combine the two, This due becomes super powerful
just like the avengers. (Yeah! It is like bringing Captain America and Iron Man together)
“To live is to be musical, starting with the blood dancing in your veins. Everything living
has a rhythm. Do you feel your music?”
Michael Jackson
But, anyways moving on from the reel world of Avengers to the real world of humans,
There is no denying the fact that dancing is one activity that helps kids in a lot of way.
It helps reduce stress in times like today’s where sitting in front of the laptop and mobile
has become a norm, It helps gives children a boost in confidence which helps them in
extra-curricular activities and studies as well.
Creativity and self-expression are vital to your child’s well-being, and dancing is a fun
way to keep them active. If you and/or your child are looking for a fun and rewarding
activity, consider dancing.
Now you understand that dance is not only an art but an exercise.Whether it be emotional well-being, mental well-being, health well-being or may it be
the child’s physical and psychological well-being, Dance can help in a lot of ways for
Through dance, children expand their knowledge, skills and understanding of the world.
There are many benefits for children to participate in different types of dance.
Here are five popular dance styles and how to find out which one suits your child. Ballet
is a cornerstone for other dance styles and can help children become familiar with the
world of dance.
It’s perfect for kids who love to perform and have big personalities. They like to call their
classes fitness dancing to help kids and adults use them for zumba and other dances.
Dance lessons can help children build a more positive self-image, which is especially
important for children who are struggling with weight.
Children attending a variety of dance classes such as ballet, tap dance, or hip-hop will
notice increased muscle tone, flexibility, and stamina.
When children take dance lessons and improve their fitness level, they can feel more
positive emotionally and psychologically.
Dancing inspires them to work harder, which will definitely reflect on their school. It is
often forgotten that dancing will teach your child to learn from their mistakes and move

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